Thursday, July 23, 2009

He's not a very naughty boy

He's just been led astray by that Cheney kid. Or so Tony Blair's mother would have it ...

Terry Jones, Wednesday 22 July 2009

"Tony Blair's mother writes

I'm so worried about Tony. I kept warning him about those rough American kids he used to hang out with when he was prime minister, but he wouldn't listen.

"I wish I were in their gang," he used to say. "It's the toughest in the 'hood."

"Fine, Tony," I'd say. "As long as they don't get up to mischief."

Well, it's beginning to look as if I were right all along, and they were not only getting up to mischief but were doing things that were actually illegal, and I'm worried stiff that it might rebound on Tony.

First of all, it turns out that that chubby boy, Dick – you know, the one with the shifty eyes and the mouth like a barracudaset up a secret intelligence programme and told the CIA not to say anything about it to Congress......

But those American kids never did anything to help him – except give him a medal I suppose. But then who wants a medal if it turns out to have been given to you by a bunch of criminals?"

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