Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing "Government" in the Non-Existent State.... Celebrate Now (or Else!)

Dwaik postpones resuming work until Sunday

"RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Dr. Aziz Dwaik, the Palestinian legislative council speaker (PLC), has postponed resuming his work at the PLC premises in Ramallah to next Sunday instead of Wednesday.

Parliamentary sources on Tuesday evening told PIC that Dr. Dwaik decided to delay his resumption of work after consulting with all parliamentary blocs to avert new political tensions in the Palestinian arena.

They added that Dr. Dwaik addressed a message to the parliamentary blocs and the media on the step but he was surprised that certain Fatah circles had expressed reservations despite the agreement on that matter during Dr. Dwaik's meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, whose term as PA chief had expired in January 2009......"

COMMENT: Palestine is disappearing from under their feet, and these idiots are busy playing government! Can it get worse than this? I don't think so. This is Nakba II on a scale bigger than Nakba I.

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