Thursday, April 29, 2010

الزهار: الانفاق قضية تجارية وعائلية وشخصية وحماس ليس لها نفق واحد

**الزهار: الانفاق قضية تجارية وعائلية وشخصية وحماس ليس لها نفق واحد **

"رام الله ـ 'القدس العربي' من وليد عوض: اكد الدكتور محمود الزهار عضو المكتب السياسي لحركة حماس احد ابرز قادتها في قطاع غزة بأن الانفاق قضية شخصية وليست معركة بين حماس ومصر.
واضاف الزهار في تصريحات خاصة مع الـ 'القدس العربي' ان 'قضية الانفاق قضية شخصية وان الذين يقومون عليها هم اشخاص وعائلات وافراد وتجار، وبالتالي فان محاولة تصوير الامر وكأن مصر دخلت مع حماس في معركة حول الانفاق هذا كلام غير صحيح'.
وتابع الزهار 'اذا اغلقت مصر هذا النفق يفتح الف نفق بدله، لان القضية بالنسبة لهم قضية مربحة وهي قضية تجارية بالدرجة الاولى وهي قضية عائلية وشخصية يقوم بها تجار، وحماس ليست لها علاقة بهذا الموضوع، وليس لها نفق واحد، وبالتالي مصر ترى في سياستها ان تفعل ذلك فهي تدخل في معركة حقيقية مع التجار. هذا الموضوع نحن بعيدون عنه تماما'.


This is another confirmation that this high-ranking political leader in Hamas, and former "foreign minister," Dr. Mahmoud Zahhar, is an absolute idiot and an incompetent who should not be allowed to speak in public, in the name of Hamas. Worse, if his views are those of Hamas, then this confirms that there is a split within the leadership in Gaza.

On the same day that other Hamas leaders found the spine to accuse the Egyptian government of the wanton and premeditated gassing to death of four Palestinians, and injuring of six others in one of the Rafah tunnels, this stupid Dr. Zahhar declares that the subject of the tunnels is a family and a commercial issue which does not concern Hamas! He adds that the tunnels are motivated by profit and are run as businesses and that Hamas does not see them as anything more. Totally ignoring the fact that the tunnels are the only available lifeline left to the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza totally besieged by Israel and its chief ally, the Pharaoh.

Moreover, Zahhar says that the gassing and the demolition of the tunnels by Egyptian forces is a problem between Egypt and the traders who run the tunnels! Hamas could care less, and he does not see this as a problem between Hamas and the government of the Pharaoh!

Who does this idiot represent? If Hamas claims to be the "government" in Gaza, how could it not show any concern for supplying the minimum survival needs of the population? And how could it not stand up to defend Palestinians who put their lives on the line to supply those minimal needs? Dozens of Palestinians have been killed by the goons of the Pharaoh in the tunnels, and Dr. Zahhar considers this , "a commercial matter?"

Hamas: you can't have it both ways. You either represent the people, provide their basic needs and defend them or you abdicate! It is time to silence this idiot Zahhar and to prevent him from speaking in Hamas' name.

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