Friday, September 9, 2011

The PA doesn’t represent me; why should I trust its statehood bid?


By Sameeha Elwan
The Electronic Intifada

Gaza Strip

"....To claim that an average Palestinian would take the time to think through the political and legal implications of such a move would be misleading. An average Palestinian might in fact be the least interested in whether a state would be declared in September. Yet he or she will be the one whose life will be most profoundly impacted by any hasty act of folly by the PA. This has been demonstrated by a long history of disappointing actions by the PA.

This is not to dismiss Palestinian public political awareness. Palestinians are the ones who live with the consequences of any step or measure suggested or implemented by the PA. Therefore, they would definitely have more pressing priorities than to think of the consequences. They would instead be preoccupied with the struggle to survive the consequences of yet another foolish action by their wise government.....

I am a refugee. Who will represent me?

Among the debates among the public about whether this bid would endanger the Palestinians was the discussion over representation. Who would represent the Palestinians? And who exactly would this state represent?

Less than half the Palestinian population live in the occupied Gaza Strip and the West Bank
, the territories to be declared as the Palestinian state. What will happen to the other millions who live outside this terrotiory?.....

Who will represent me? I did not vote for the PA

For almost two decades, the PA has been assuming that it represents the Palestinian people based on the Oslo accords.

The PA, however, falls short on the questions of genuine democratic representation.

The last democratic elections for the PA took place more than five years ago....

The fact that the new state is offering no reform of the Palestinian leadership tells how unpromising such a move is. One cannot but imagine the forthcoming state as offering nothing more to the Palestinians than further fragmentation. A state that offers no relief from the current situation on the ground, that is led by the same leadership, that fails to uphold the rights of the Palestinians, sounds like the very definition of insanity."

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