Sunday, November 20, 2011

Egyptian elections in doubt after violent clashes in central Cairo

Several candidates suspend campaigns after army attack on protesters leaves five dead and almost a thousand injured

Jack Shenker in Cairo, Sunday 20 November 2011

"Egypt's revolution entered a dangerous new phase of confrontation on Sunday after the army attacked thousands of anti-junta protesters in Cairo, putting the viability of imminent parliamentary elections in serious doubt.

Several political parties and individual candidates said they were suspending their electoral campaigns after a weekend in which at least five people were killed and almost a thousand injured in some of the fiercest clashes seen since the heady days of February when Mubarak was ejected from power.....

"The elections can go to hell; Tahrir comes first, and we must complete our half-finished revolution before starting to organise a vote," he continued.

"If Scaf think they can do to us what Assad has done to the Syrians and Saleh has done to Yemenis, they are in for a surprise. The Egyptians will do to Scaf what Nato did to Libya: the generals are a remnant of Mubarak, and they will be swept aside.""

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