Monday, January 14, 2013

Revolution as a carnival

The disenfranchised in Tunisia can do nothing but watch as their revolution slips into a state of carnival.


".......Two years on...
Such carnivalesque ethos has largely dissipated in Tunisia. However, despite trepidation, faith in the revolution has not faded. It is trust in politicians that has faded. All politicians.

Tunisia right now is trying to find the right balance in order to tame the "revolution" or "rationalise" it. Yet, the publics, mostly the country's youth, who engineered the revolution have retreated to their locales, staging mini revolutions in protest at similar marginalisation, injustice and lack of government response that was previously experienced under Ben Ali. The difference is that today they can speak freely and protest without too much of a hindrance in most areas - barring Bourguiba Boulevard.

Youth in towns such as Gafsa, Benguerdane, Metlaoui, Kasserine, Tala or Sidi Bouzid can see no horizon, and unemployment is not decreasing two years into the revolution.
Why? There are eight main reasons......."


Anonymous said...

I sympathise with Arabs whose revolutions are stolen by Islamists. Secularists too. Where are the results? thank you pundit for a godo choice of articles as usual.

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