Wednesday, February 24, 2016



[After Patrick Cockburn praised Trump, John Pilger Followed him. Not enough those two are also staunch Assadists , they now praise an outright American Fascist]

In a text webchat on the Guardian website today, writer and filmmaker John Pilger praised Donald Trump as a man who is “speaking straight” to Americans, and is “making sense”.
Though Pilger condemned his views on immigration as “gross”, he said they were no worse “in essence” to that of Cameron’s views.
He also said that at least Trump was telling the truth on Iraq, wasn’t planning to invade anywhere and “not beholden to Israel”.
Here’s what Pilger wrote in full, in response to being asked his take on Trump:
Trump is speaking straight to ordinary Americans, not through the usual media/liberal filter. He is making sense to a lot of people. They like his absence of hypocrisy and the fact that he’s prepared to say George W. Bush committed a war crime in invading Iraq.
Apart from his gross views on immigration – though no more gross in essence than, say, David Cameron’s – he is not planning to invade anywhere, he doesn’t hate the Russians or the Chinese, he is not beholden to Israel. People like this lack of cant, and when the so-called liberal media deride him, they like him even more.
In response to different question on Putin, Pilger said:
Compared with Obama, Cameron and the rest, he’s [Putin] the most intelligent by far.
We would suggest that Pilger do a bit more research into Trump’s views.
Earlier, Trump had said he would be “neutral” between Israel and Palestine.
Then in a more recent interview with Fox News, Trump said he saw Israel as the main victim in that conflict.
100% I’d come to their [Israel’s] defense. 100%. Now, you know that under the Iran deal… but under the Iran deal, if Israel ends up attacks Iran because they’re — they see they’re doing the nuclear, or if it’s the other way around, we have to fight with Iran.

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Anonymous said...

a fascist is someone who advocates a one party system.
that's not Trump.
he's all over the board on many issues but he's not corrupt.
the Zionist websites don't trust him, they want Rubio.
if they can't get him they'll take Killary.