Sunday, June 26, 2016



By Tony Sayegh

Do we still need more proof that ISIS was the creation of the US (and Iran)?

When the Iraqi "government" was resistant to the increased US military presence, ISIS appeared from nowhere and in a very short order Mosul fell and the Iraqi army collapsed in front of it and ran, leaving huge amounts of US-supplied weapons.

Since then, the US and its media went on a media blitz describing ISIS as the biggest threat to the world! Everywhere you turned you saw ISIS on the move.

When the Iraqi "government" capitulated to US demand, with Iranian blessing, things changed overnight. The US Air Force was in the Iraqi skies again, with increasing number of US "advisers" on the ground. With the US supplying the firepower, the sectarian Iraqi militias with Iranian "Revolutionary" Guards found the courage to attack and decimate Fallujah. All of a sudden ISIS is just a pussycat on the run! The same is true in Syria.

Watch next in Mosul; ISIS will be gone in no time, and probably will collapse just as quickly as it advanced.

The moral?

When the US gets what it wants (including from Iran and its proxies like Hizbullah) the "greatest threat to the world" will be on the run, if not completely defeated. Of course the US will keep a weakened ISIS on a short leash to keep the Arab monarchs in the Gulf scared and behaving.

I have seen this film so many times, and there are no surprises anymore.

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