Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What is the Matter with the Arabs? Why Can't They Think??

Look at the current Al-Jazeera (Arabic) online poll, which asks:

Do you see that the normalization of relations between Turkey and Israel is beneficial to the Palestinians?

Would you believe that for a while a majority of respondents actually voted yes? This in spite of the fact that Turkey conceded so much to Israel including the maintenance of the Gaza siege by Israel! Any goods supplied by Turkey to Gaza must pass through Israeli port and Israeli crossing!

Right now the vote is about evenly split.

This thing reminds me of how Moshe Dayan described the Arabs. He said, "the Arabs don't read, and when they read they don't think and when they think they don't act!"

I think that he was right on the money! 

التطبيع التركي الاسرائيلي

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