Monday, June 26, 2017

Tillerson and Kalila wa-Dimna

وزير الخارجية القطري يلتقي تيلرسون الثلاثاء في واشنطن

Having both Qatar and Saudi Arabia trusting the US to be the honest broker in their latest dispute reminds me of the story of the two cats in the book of Kalila wa-Dimna. This is one of the most popular books every Arab grows up knowing.

The story of the two cats goes something like this:

Two cats found a piece of cheese and started fighting about who should have it. After a while they decided to go to the wise old monkey (aka Tillerson) to settle the dispute. Tillerson cut the cheese into two unequal pieces (wise old monkey). He then weighed them. Finding that one piece is a bit larger, he helped himself to a bite to supposedly make the pieces equal. Well, now the other piece was heavier so Tillerson took a bite from that one. This kept on going until Tillerson ate all the cheese and the foolish cats looked on in despair.

This is how the US is getting the most from both Qatar and SA. Hundreds of billions of dollars in arms' sales, and more exploitation from both sides. All along supposedly Tillerson and Trump issue contradictory statements about the dispute. There is nothing contradictory or confusing about that policy, it is the monkey getting all the cheese!


P.S. The story is almost two thousand years old.

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