Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dan Rather's Latest Comment


Another day, another series of attacks by the President of the United States against the press. With the latest video tweet of Mr. Trump in essence symbolically attacking CNN, we once again witness the dangerous debasing of our democratic institutions.
To be outraged is obvious, but increasingly I feel the creep of dread and sadness. Dread at a sense that no one knows, least of all I fear Mr. Trump, where this all may lead. And sadness that this spectacle is now the norm of the United States.
I have asked before, and will continue to repeat, where are the profiles in courage in the GOP who will say that tax cuts and Supreme Court justices are not enough of a trade off for the crisis they are helping inflict on our nation, and world?
But if Mr. Trump and his confederates think that this kind of bullying will intimidate reporters, I think they will find themselves sadly mistaken. It will only embolden the press, which has a Constitutionally protected role to play in our democracy.
If we have a President and a Congress failing to comport themselves with decorum, it is only more important that the press holds them accountable.

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