Sunday, September 10, 2006

Blair says world should encourage Palestinian unity government

The Independent

"British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Sunday said the world should restore contacts with the Palestinians if the ruling Hamas group agrees to form a unity government, but only if the coalition accepts Western demands to renounce violence and recognize Israel.

With the statement, Blair became the first Western leader to signal that a Palestinian government that includes members of Hamas could be acceptable. The international community has been boycotting Hamas, which the European Union and United States consider a terrorist group, since it won legislative elections in January."
With a war criminal such as Blair cheerleading for such a "unity government," count me as one Palestinian strongly against such "national unity." This is unity in acceptance of the subjugation of the Palestinian people and their abandoning their historic human and political rights. It is a unity in the acceptance of Usrael as the hegemon of the region whose every diktat has to be complied with. It is a unity with every corrupt and subservient Arab dictator in the region and a betrayal of not just the Palestinian people but of all the Arab people.

Tony Sayegh

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