Saturday, November 4, 2006

Meanwhile in Palestine

Israel Gaza attack kills 43 : Seven people, including a teenager and five resistance fighters, were killed in the Gaza Strip Saturday as Israel pressed an attack on anti occupation forces that has left 43 Palestinians and one soldier dead in four days.

Palestinians: Saturdays Death toll up to 11; Palestinian sources reported that an additional Palestinian was killed and another wounded from Israeli occupation forces fire near Beit Hanoun in occupied northern Gaza.

Number of dead in occupied Gaza reaching historic levels: - Malki Shahwan silently picks at the peach tissue she's using to dab at the tears in the corners of her opaque eyes, eyes that her family says have gone blind from grief.

Palestinian PM: Israeli operation is massacre: Demands international intervention

Gaza's pain:: Muhammad Zakout’s 14- year-old son, Alaa, leaked blood on to a hospital pillow as his family gathered around the bed, incredulous that after repeated warnings to stay out of trouble he had been shot while throwing stones at Israeli tanks.

Palestinian Cabinet minister warns Israel's offensive in Gaza could kill Israeli soldier held there: Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip could endanger the life of an abducted Israeli soldier and is an impediment to his release, the Palestinian foreign minister told Egypt's state-run news agency on Saturday.

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