Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mishaal warns of third intifada if no political settlement reached within six months after government formation

"Cairo - Khaled Mishaal, the political bureau chief of the Hamas Movement, on Saturday tabled his vision of a political settlement for the Middle East crisis stipulating an Israeli withdrawal to the 4th June 1967 borders including east Jerusalem and return of refugees within six months after formation of the PA unity government.

Mishaal, addressing a press conference in the Egyptian journalists syndicate, said the Palestinian national unity government would grant the international community, the USA and Europe six months after its formation for accomplishing a real political step in the region.

He underlined that all Palestinian forces were unanimous on establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 occupied lands that would end the Israeli occupation of those lands without leaving behind any Israeli settlement, "whether big or small". He noted that the Palestinian position was backed by Arab unanimity, and asked the Arab countries and the world to exploit this opportunity.

Mishaal, however, warned that in the event that step was not actualized then the Palestinian people would close down all political files and embark on a third intifada. He cautioned that the struggle would then be open for all possibilities.

He further warned that the PA would collapse, contrary to the USA and Israeli wishes, which do not wish to shoulder the responsibility for such a collapse.

There would be no negotiations on any settlement but rather there should be implementation of those demands on the part of the occupation, the Hamas leader elaborated.

Addressing those who believe that pressures and siege would frustrate Palestinians into abandoning Hamas, Mishaal said, "They are living a big illusion, Hamas will rather get stronger and all the resistance will get stronger".

The Hamas supreme leader also held the Hebrew state responsible for obstructing the exchange of prisoners between the Palestinians and Israel. "We covered major strides but finalizing the matter is not in our hands, we are not the cause for any delay, but rather it is the other party that is responsible for the delay", he explained.

He affirmed, however, that there was no other alternative to releasing Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the freedom of the captured Israeli serviceman.

Mishaal finally asserted, "We will not beg for lifting the siege laid to the Palestinian people, it is the Palestinian people's right that this siege would come to an end"."

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