Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pierre Gemayel Assassinated. Cui Bono?

"In record time, the corporate media placed the blame for the assassination of Pierre Gemayel, Lebanese Industry Minister, and grand son of Sheikh Pierre Gemayel, the founder of the Kataeb Party, also known as the Phalange (read: fascist), on Syria.

Wayne Madsen wrote a few days ago that “Hariri’s assassination was ordered by neo-cons in Israel and the United States who wanted to implement their ‘Clean Break’ policy in order to drive Syrian occupation troops out of Lebanon and then engineer wars with the Lebanese Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. With the Iraq Study Group led by Bush 41 Secretary of State James Baker and including Defense Secretary-designate Robert Gates engaged in negotiations with Syria to work out an American military withdrawal from Iraq, the neo-con charges against Syria for the Hariri assassination are being cast aside, according to U.S. intelligence sources.”

Naturally, this effort by the Baker Boys runs counter to the Zionist plan to sow chaos and destruction in the neighborhood. According the Madsen, the “realpolitik” Baker Boys are a direct threat to the neocons, as they are apparently “taking steps to lay blame for the assassination on operatives linked to notorious Russian-Israeli Mafia weapons smuggler and Defense Department air transport contractor Viktor Bout. Such an assignment of blame is designed to send a friendly signal to Damascus while signaling to Jerusalem that the blame for the Hariri assassination is being laid very close but not actually on the doorstep of Israel’s Mossad and their neo-con allies in the Bush administration.”

Predictably, the “detente with Syria and its Lebanese allies is sure to irritate the neo-cons,” and thus it makes perfect sense for them, through the Mossad and its documented network in Lebanon, to muddy the waters by taking out Pierre Gemayel, as all Arabs are, of course, expendable pawns. "

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