Sunday, February 17, 2008

Video: Take The Siege Away- A call from Gaza

Take the siege away

By Hatem & Naseem

A girl named Sarah,
Innocence’s in her eye,
'cause of no medication,
She’s about to die
In Gaza, there’s siege
Why can’t you hear!
Children, women, old men
No one can bear
Don’t let her feel the pain
Don’t let her suffer again
Just let her fly, like a bird in the sky, and take the siege away


Ali ambitious student
Drawing a rainbow on the sand
He wants to reach his college
But besieged in his land
He wants to learn abroad
To come back and build a road
The road toward freedom,
just and safe abode
Don’t take his dreams away
Don’t let him miss the way
Just let him fly, like a bird in the sky, and take the siege away


Away from the siege, away from despair
Away from violence, and agony everywhere
Don’t let us stay deprived, we just wanna survive
Gaza’s under siege, and no one can bear…
No medicine for Sarah, no passing through borders…
Families are separated, can't meet each others..
Patients die everyday, suffering everyday, take the siege away

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