Friday, December 26, 2008

Ehud Mubarak Tightening the Siege on Gaza to Help The IOF Killing Machine and Prevent Palestinians From Escaping with Their Lives!

Egypt boosts security on Gaza border

"Egyptian security forces prepare for possible IDF operation in Gaza that officials fear could lead to breach of border

Egypt has boosted security along its border with the Gaza Strip in anticipation of an Israeli attack on the Hamas-ruled territory, officials said on Friday.

Officials and residents in north Sinai said they fear a repeat of the Palestinian breach of the border in January, when tens of thousands of Gazans poured into Egypt after gunmen in Gaza blew holes in the border barricade.

There is a heavy security presence near the border with Gaza,” a security official told AFP. “We are worried that because of Israeli pressure, the Palestinians will breach the border.”

An AFP correspondent said police had set up checkpoints on roads leading to the border and that some north Sinai residents have begun stocking up on food.

We are preparing to be ready if there is breach,” said north Sinai governor Abdel Fadil Shusha......"

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