Monday, August 24, 2009

Finkelstein wants to break siege of Gaza

Press TV

"Here follows an interview by Press TV with internationally renowned political scientist and author, Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein speaks about his motivation to launch a campaign to break the siege of Gaza. The campaign is scheduled for the December 31, 2009/January 1, 2010, pending final preparations.

Press TV: Your trip to South Africa is linked to a campaign to break the siege of Gaza. Tell us more.

Norman Finkelstein: Several weeks ago, I guess about six weeks ago, I joined a US delegation to Gaza to see the aftermath of the Israeli massacre and also to get some sense of what we can do. I met with people at all levels of Gazan society; people in orphanages, in schools, hospitals and I also had several meetings with senior officials in the government in Gaza and there was a consensus from the top to the bottom of Gazan society that the main obstacle they are now facing is the siege. The devastation was horrific enough, but beyond the devastation, the problem now is they can't rebuild anything. The whole place is just rubble because even six months after the Gaza massacre, no cement is allowed in, no glass is allowed in and everything is exactly as it was on January 18th when the Israeli assault ended........"

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