Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bracing for Israel’s Next Gaza Attack

By Tony Karon

"There were no winners in the Gaza war that Israel launched a year ago today, but no shortage of losers. And failure to address its underlying causes – the economic siege through which Israel, Egypt and the US hope to force Hamas from power, and that organisation’s ability to respond by firing rockets into Israel – means that far from anyone learning the lessons of the brutal folly that was Operation Cast Lead, a repeat may be imminent.....

So it ought to surprise no one if, in the weeks and months ahead, there is an increase in Israeli air strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza, while efforts to end the blockade are stymied, ultimately provoking Hamas to hit back with its own rocket strikes – opening another round of fighting.

Israeli media last week reported a conversation between Mr Netanyahu’s brother-in-law, Hagai Ben Artzi, and Noam Shalit, father of the captive soldier, during a protest demanding government action to free Gilad. Mr Ben Artzi rebuked the Shalit protest, saying the soldier would be freed during the “next Gaza war”. And when would that be, the captive’s father asked. Mr Ben Artzi’s answer: “Either in two months, or in six months.”"

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