Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yediot Ahronot exposes Israeli police lies

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Israeli police car runs over a youth in Jerusalem, arrest him for protesting and take him to interrogation. They later denied responsiblity for the youngsters injuries (a badly broken foot) accusing another car driven by an...ARAB!!. Sadly for them a photographer of the daily Yediot Ahronot was there. The paper published the photos exposing the congenital liars...

"Who really ran over the 14-year-old youth during the demonstrations that took place on Friday in Jerusalem’s Ras el-Amud neighborhood? The police contend that he was hit by a “white Subaru, evidently driven by an Arab,” but the photos shot by Yedioth Ahronoth photographer Atta Awisat expose the truth: the youth is lying underneath the tires of a police vehicle."
(Via Coteret)
BTW, how many Israeli policemen does it take to arrest a child? Or change a bulb for that matter?

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