Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Mouthpiece of Netanyahu: Fatah's Azzam Al-Ahmad: Gaza Doesn't Need Food, Humanitarian Supplies


"Senior Fatah Movement official, Azzam Al-Ahmad, told the German News Agency (DPA) that the Gaza Strip did not need humanitarian or food supplies. The Fatah Central Committee member stressed in his telephone call with DPA the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas was securing the needs of the Strip on daily basis. “I confidently say that Gaza does not need humanitarian or food supplies because the PA is securing all of this. The PA sends 200 trucks into Gaza, not through Rafah but through other crossings[in other words, the trickle of meager supplies to UNRWA which Israel permits!],” he told the Genrman News Agency. “These trucks are always full of food supplies, medicaments, and fuel,” he added...."

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