Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grey power for Gaza

The key figures of the Free Gaza movement are all women of pensionable age, who came out of the 1960s protest generation

Robert Booth, Thursday 3 June 2010

(Left: Hedy Epstein protesting in Cairo.)

"They are the generation who protested in the 1960s and have girded themselves again to campaign for Palestinian rights. The Free Gaza movement, which chartered the Challenger yacht as part of the flotilla that was attacked by Israel on Monday, is led by a group of women of pensionable age.

Founding members of the organisation, which is also operating the MV Rachel Corrie, include a US-based 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, Hedy Epstein, and a 76-year-old grandmother originally from Bolton, Mary Hughes.

The four activists running Free Gaza's communications and legal operations from Cyprus during the flotilla are all women aged between 65 and 85....."

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