Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gaza flotilla raid: 'We heard gunfire – then our ship turned into lake of blood'

Activists aboard Mavi Marmara speak of shock at rapid attacks and deny assaults on Israeli commandos

Robert Booth, Kate Connolly in Berlin, Tom Philips in Rio de Janeiro and Helena Smith
The Guardian, Wednesday 2 June 2010

".....One of the strongest condemnations of Israel's actions came from the Swedish novelist Henning Mankell who had been aboard the Swedish aid ship Sofia. Mankell, the author of the Wallander series called for global sanctions against Israel to put pressure on it to lift the blockade of Gaza. "I think we should use the experience of South Africa, where we know that the sanctions had a great impact. It took time, but they had an impact," Mankell said. He also denied there had been any weapons aboard the aid ships. "I can promise there was not a single weapon aboard the ships," he told a reporter who was returning to Sweden with him after the writer had been deported by Israel....."

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