Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A battle for the soul of every Egyptian

Converts have become pawns in Egypt's increasingly bitter standoff between Muslims and Christians

Khaled Diab, Wednesday 15 September 2010

"....Despite the fact that a growing percentage of Egyptians are actively and courageously seeking political change, the vast majority of Muslims and Christians still share a sense of political disenfranchisement and disempowerment. Faced with this marginalisation, one of the few areas left to the individual is that of "morality". Moreover, faith that a greater power can provide deliverance from worldly oppression is something of a survival mechanism.

For its part, the government has found religion to be a double-edged sword. In its desperate bid to cloak itself with a veneer of legitimacy, the regime has been desperately juggling the conflicting roles of secular state, "defender of the faith", as well as the emblem of national unity and harmony.

But at least the Egyptian government is an egalitarian oppressor. And, so, instead of falling into the trap of attacking each other, Muslims and Christians should find common cause in fighting the system."

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