Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photoshop to the Rescue of the Pharaoh: Hosni Mubarak left red faced over doctored red carpet photo

Embarrassment as Egyptian paper alters image to put president at head of procession

Haroon Siddique, Thursday 16 September 2010



"There are those who lead and those who follow and the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram clearly feels that President Hosni Mubarak fits in to the former category.

When he was pictured with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Binyamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, trailing behind Barack Obama on the red carpet at the White House recently, it was nothing Photoshop could not fix. So, on Tuesday, Al-Ahram published the same photo, taken at the 1 September launch of the latest Middle East peace process, but with Mubarak switched to the front of the procession. [That is Arab Leadership for You! Leadership by Photoshop! Next, Palestine will be liberated using Photoshop? Why not?]

The doctored photo has generated plenty of mirth since blogger WaELK revealed the deception, but Mubarak's political opponents are unamused. The 6 April Youth Movement said: "This is what the corrupt regime's media has been reduced to." It added that the newspaper had "crossed the line from being balanced and honest"....."

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