Friday, December 10, 2010

Hussein Ibish And The Good Old Days

".......Abunimah and other pro-Palestine activists are is still calling out anti-Semites while they continue to defend the same Palestinian rights Ibish articulated so well in those old days. The Palestinian activist community condemns all racists including the rabid racists Ibish now describes as partners for “cooperation towards peace.” Those long lost days are indeed gone Hussein, and you now have a new set of friends and colleagues, but unfortunately you appear to have lost much more. It didn’t take very long to replace your old friends with new ones from among the folks at the Israeli embassy, AIPAC, and The Israel project. In fact, your descent unlike your friend Christopher Hitchens, was a very short-term process. You quickly made new friends and completed your metamorphosis, but unfortunately you can’t ever find a replacement for self-respect, and it took you less than a 140 characters to remind us all just how low you have sunk."

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