Sunday, December 5, 2010

While Jewish Colonists Burn Palestinian Orchards and Olive Groves, The Traitor's Firefighters Help His Zionist Masters!

This is how Palestinian Farmers Try to Put Out Fires Set by Jewish Colonists....
While Abbas' Firefighters Help Their Zionist Masters in Carmel!

Netanyahu Thanks Abbas For Palestinian Firefighters Help

"Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, received on Friday a phone call from Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for sending Palestinian firefighters to help in controlling the fires in the north of the country.

The Palestine News and Information Agency, WAFA, reported that Abbas told Netanyahu that, under such conditions and disaster, the Palestinians will not hesitate in lending a helping hand.

Although Israel prevents the majority of the Palestinian population from entering Israel, three units of firefighters of the Palestinian Civil Defense Unit were sent to help in controlling the fires at the Carmel Mountain...."

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