Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Majority of both Palestinians and Israeli expect new intifada

Polls show around 70% foresee uprising among Palestinians if no progress in peace talks and following declaration of state

The Guardian

"Two polls earlier this month gave strikingly similar results on one question: do you think a third intifada (Palestinian uprising) is looming?

An Israeli poll for The Peace Index found that 70% of Jews in Israel expect a popular uprising following the expected declaration of a Palestinian state in September and its possible recognition by the UN. (62% of Israeli-Arabs also think an intifada is likely.)

A poll for the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 70.5% of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza believe an intifada will break out if the deadlock in negotiations continues.

It looks very much as though all these scenarios will come to pass: the deadlock will indeed continue, the Palestinians will declare their state and a majority of countries at the UN General Assembly will back it.

There is increasing talk of what happens after that, and whether – if nothing much changes on the ground – Palestinians will follow their Arab brothers and sisters and try to force change by their own actions....."

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