Friday, February 17, 2012

Syrian Refugees Get Help Across the Border

By Oliver Trenkamp, on the Turkish-Syria border


"Thousands of Syrians are fleeing across the border into Turkey from the intensifying violence in their own country. There, they fill refugee camps and hospitals while worrying about those left behind -- and wondering if leaders in Ankara will take their support to the next level.....

A few months ago, Erdogan's foreign minister categorically ruled out any deployment of Turkish troops. But, these days, his phrasing is far more cautious. He says that Turkey prefers not to discuss military intervention -- but that sounds less like denial and more like a threat aimed at Damascus.

Which path Erdogan chooses matters little to Kadir, the Syrian man watching over his wounded nephew in the hospital in Antakya. He's hoping for two things: that his nephew will recover, and that Syria's dictator will fall. "Assad should hang for all the people to see!" he says."

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