Friday, April 6, 2012

Israeli architect of Oslo accords says Middle East peace process is over

The chief Israeli architect of the Oslo accords has urged the Palestinian leadership to declare the death of the peace process he helped instigate as Britain issued one of its strongest ever condemnations of Israeli settlement policies.

The Telegraph

"Yossi Beilin urged Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, to carry out his threat to dissolve the Palestinian Authority – created by the Oslo deal in 1993 – and hand back full control of the West Bank and Gaza to Israel.

Mr Beilin's dramatic intervention reflects growing international concern that Israeli settlement construction is undermining the viability of a "two-state solution", the Oslo formula meant to end the Middle East conflict by establishing a Palestinian State alongside an Israeli one.
While Mr Beilin was careful to blame "extremists" on both sides for "gutting" the agreements, there has been mounting international outrage after Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, took steps this week further to entrench Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem......"

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