Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nasrallah: time for Israel’s downfall is near


Sure, Mr. Sectarian Leader; Tell us Some More.

I Have Been Hearing Such Declarations Since I was a Little Kid and Now I Am 67. In the Meantime, Palestine and Arab Jerusalem Are Vanishing.

Such Empty Pronouncements As Nasrallah's Have Been the Staple of All Arab Dictators to Justify Brutalizing and Killing Their People and to Stay in Power. Nasrallah's Patron, the Butcher of Damascus, is Doing That Right Now!

Enslaved and Crushed Populations Are in No Position to Recover Their Own Land Conquered by Israel, Such as the Golan. So, How is the Downfall of Israel Near, Mr. Sectarian Leader? Iran is Going to Ensure That? Ha Ha Ha!

"The leader of Lebanese party Hezbollah has said the resistance group can hit any target inside Israel and added that he believed they were entering an "era" in which Israel would cease to exist.....".