Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Right to Resist is universal: a farewell to Al-Akhbar and Assad's apologists

by Max Blumenthal

I recently learned of a major exodus of key staffers at Al Akhbar caused at least in part by disagreements with the newspaper leadership’s pro-Assad tendency. The revelation helps explain why Al Akhbar English now prominently features the malevolent propaganda of Amal Saad Ghorayeb and the dillentantish quasi-analysis of Sharmine Narwani alongside editor-in-chief Ibrahim al-Amin’s friendly advice for Bashar Assad, whom he attempts to depict as an earnest reformer overwhelmed by events.
When I joined the fledgling Al Akhbar English website last fall, I was excited to contribute my writing on the Israel-Palestine situation and US foreign policy to a paper that I considered one of the most courageous publications in the Arab world. At the time, the Syrian uprising had just begun, and apparently, so had the debates inside Al Akhbar, which reflected the discussions within the wider Lebanese Left. Almost a year later, the results of the debate have become clear on the pages of the paper, where despite the presence of a few dissident voices, the apologia for Assad and his crimes has reached unbearable levels.
I was forced to conclude that unless I was prepared to spend endless stores of energy jousting with Assad apologists, I was merely providing them cover by keeping my name and reputation associated with Al Akhbar. More importantly, I decided that if I kept quiet any longer, I would be betraying my principles and those of the people who have encouraged and inspired me over the years. There is simply no excuse for me to remain involved for another day with such a morally compromised outlet. And so, instead of preparing to throw up in my own mouth each time I click on one of the pro-regime op-eds appearing with regularity on Al Akhbar English’s home page, I am washing my hands of the whole operation.


Tony Sayegh said...

Will the so-called "Angry Arab" have the courage to do the same? I very much doubt that.

joe anon 1 said...

and support oppression via the zionized west's version of "democracy" meaning death destruction and servility to israel/jews.

old max is a zionist is a jew. his writings are same as chomsky and others: lead the sheep.

let the sheep/puppets at pal punditos support israel via attacks on the govt of syria.

you think libya is better off now?

Zarathustra said...

Joe anan 1 your ignorance is at display. Max is far better and more principled than Chmosky or Finkelstein.
your Anti Semitism is unwelcomed here , fitting that a bigot is pro assad supporter. You are a shabeeh and anti semitic ignorant one as well.

joe anon 1 said...

"the right to resist is universal"


especially, for the govt of a country to resist foreign paid, supplied, armed, terrorists.

the assad led govt of syria is required to defend syria, syrians, the culture, the history from thug terrorists, propagandists, and weak sheep.

president assad is doing his duty.

doesnt matter that max the zionist is upset and is supported by punditos.

joe anon 1 said...

no mr Z, you are a zionist tool.

truth is always anti jew/zionist.

joe anon 1 said...

pal punditos, the fouad ajamis of the blog world

the arab stepin fetchits their jewish controllers