Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amnesty releases satellite images of heavy weapons in Aleppo

Matthew Weaver and Brian Whitaker
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 7 August 2012

"Amnesty International's US office has released satellite images showing the build up, and impact of heavy weapons, in and around Aleppo.

It says the images from Digital Globe, photographed over the last week, "raise urgent concerns over the impending assault" on Aleppo.

The photographs show 600 probable artillery impact craters from heavy fighting between Syrian armed forces and armed opposition groups.
Christoph Koettl, emergency response manager, said:

Amnesty International is sending a clear message to both sides in the fighting: Any attacks against civilians will be clearly documented so that those responsible can be held accountable.
Turning Syria's most populous city into a battlefield will have devastating consequences for civilians. The atrocities in Syria are mounting already.
The Syrian military and the opposition fighters must both adhere to international humanitarian law, which strictly forbids the use of tactics and weapons that fail to distinguish between military and civilian targets

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