Friday, August 10, 2012

Inside Aleppo: air strikes on war-torn city leave anguish on the ground

Residents live in fear in Syria's second city as violence escalates and rebels prepare to launch attacks on state buildings

Martin Chulov in Aleppo, Friday 10 August 2012

".....The rumble of bombs and the scream of jets make another assault on the senses. On Tuesday morning, near a rebel position in the east of the capital, one of the jets approached fast and low. Its camouflage markings could easily be made out as it raced towards the rebel-held school house in its sites. So could the bombs attached to its underbelly.

The jet roared across the top of the rebel base – a schoolyard, in which portraits of former dictator Hafez al-Assad lay smashed inside on the floor. It dropped its bomb – and missed, instead hitting a small adjoining home, killing a family of 10 and leaving a neighbourhood in despair....."

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