Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ahhhhhh, the "New" Egypt! In spite of infamous legacy, new Emergency Law set to be decreed by president

Al-Masry Al-Youm

"The official state of emergency inaugurated by Hosni Mubarak was synonymous with the political repression of his rule. Under what was supposed to be a temporary measure, freedom of expression and human-rights were deferred permanently, to a future which never got any closer.

When the state of emergency was finally lifted in June, it seemed, for all the caveats that attend any summary of the revolution's gains, that one of the revolution's main demands had been met.

The law remained on the statute books, but not in force, and many assumed that it would be abrogated or substantially modified by Parliament. But now, it looks as if a new Emergency Law established solely by presidential decree, may be in the cards.

New Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky, respected for his battles for the independence of the judiciary under Mubarak, has proposed an amendment to the Emergency Law in preparation for the reinstatement of the state of emergency.

While Mekky and his supporters justify the move with reference to the continuing security crisis in Egypt, and an increase in “thuggery,” lawyers and human rights experts reject the proposals, asserting that these problems can be solved using standard laws....."

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