Sunday, September 9, 2012

Syria crisis: Aleppo water supply hit - live updates

Matthew Weaver, Sunday 9 September 2012

"Thousands flee clashes in southern Damascus

Thousands of people have fled the Tadamon district and the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in southern Damascus after an army operation against the Free Syrian Army, according to an activist in the area.

Speaking to the Guardian, Mahmoud Nasar, described how the army moved into the two districts after several days of bombardment against rebel positions....

Bombardment of Hanano, Aleppo

An army barracks in the north-east district of the Hanano in Aleppo has been been hit by government air strikes after the building was seized by rebels, according to footage from activists.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said several people people were killed and injured in a bombardment of residential areas in Hanano, without giving specific numbers.

Video purported to show a block of flats reduced to rubble by an air strike against the district.

Humanitarian crisis in Aleppo

There are fears that the attack on the water supply in Aleppo will create a humanitarian crisis.
An update by Ausama Monajed, a leading member of the opposition Syrian National Council says:

More than three million people in the city of Aleppo are facing a looming humanitarian disaster after the city’s main drinking water pipeline was destroyed in airstrike by regime forces. Floods swept through a number of neighbourhoods drowning many houses and commercial establishments.

More video from activists shows the water flooding through streets and homes.


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