Thursday, November 22, 2012


By Tony Sayegh

As a result of the strategic defeat of Israel in its 8-day attempt to crush the Palestinians in Gaza, I was forced to make a major change in my thinking.

For years I was convinced that Israel would sooner or later attack Iran or force the US to do the same on its behalf.

Observing how steadfast the Palestinians were, with their limited armaments, against vastly superior USraeli onslaught, and how Israel was forced in the end to ask for a ceasefire, made me realize the impossibility of subduing the vastly larger and stronger Iran.

The Iranian technology is what made Palestinian rockets that reached Tel Aviv and beyond. Yet Iran has much more than what it supplied the Palestinians.

Do not be fooled by the Israeli propaganda about the effectiveness of the "Iron Dome." It is hogwash, just like the lies about the effectiveness of the Patriot missiles. Even if only half the missiles make it through, and Iran/Hizbullah launch tens of thousands in retaliation for an attack on Iran, the price that Israel would pay would be very high.

As a sign of confidence, Iran boasted that it supplied the missile technology to the Palestinians and was proud of it. It berated all the Arab countries for not doing anything tangible to help the Palestinians. This stance (contrasted with the cowardice of all the Arab regimes, Egypt included) speaks volumes about the strategic shift in the region.

The days are gone when Israel threatens and the Arabs or Iranians tremble. Technology is no longer a monopoly of USrael. Just imagine if the Palestinians had effective missiles against the Israeli air force; the Iranians certainly do.  

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