Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israeli bombardment of Gaza enters fifth day – live updates

The Guardian


Egyptians cross into Gaza

About 500 Egyptian activists have crossed into Gaza to deliver medical supplies and show support for Palestinians, according to a report from the Associated Press.
The US news agency adds:
The visit indicates a new Egyptian policy toward to Gaza following the ouster of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak and the rise to power of Islamists.
Mubarak, Israel's longtime ally, had poor relations with Hamas and teamed up with Israel to blockade Gaza after the militant Hamas seized the territory in 2007.
The new Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, comes from the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent group of Hamas and has met with Hamas leaders in Cairo.
"We are telling the Palestinians that we are on their side," said activist Adam Mubarak. "Our visit is a message to Israel that we will not abandon the Palestinians in Gaza.".....
Deadliest day of the conflict

Sunday has been the deadliest day since Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defence against Hamas militants on Wednesday.
A total of 19 people are reported to have been killed in Gaza by Israeli bombardments on Sunday. According to Gaza health officials nine were children and four were women.
This brings the death toll in Gaza to 65, the officials said.....

Condemnation of strike on media building

Reporters Without Borders has condemned Israeli missile attacks on two media centers in Gaza that wounded six Palestinian journalists and damaged the equipment of foreign media outlets,the Associated Press reports.
Sunday's attacks on the two high-rise buildings damaged offices of the Hamas TV station, Al Aqsa, and a Lebanese-based broadcaster, Al Quds TV, seen as sympathetic to the Islamists.
Germany's public broadcaster ARD; Russia Today, a state TV network that broadcasts in English; and Sky News Arabia said they lost equipment in the attacks.
Christophe Deloire, the director of Reporters Without Borders' international headquarters in Paris, called the attacks unjustified and a threat to freedom of information. He called for an investigation into the circumstances of the raid.....". 

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