Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Charles Glass on Syria’s Mutual Destruction and the Unconvincing Fears of Assad’s Chemical Weapons

Democracy Now!

"Veteran journalist Charles Glass joins us to discuss his recent trip to Syria and its largest city, Aleppo. Addressing U.S.-led warnings that the Assad regime could deploy chemical warfare, Glass says: "I think it is pretty clear the Syrians have never used chemical weapons, that there is no advantage to them using chemical weapons. ... The areas where there is fighting are areas where people who support them are living, and their own soldiers would themselves be vulnerable to inhaling chemical gases. It sounds to me pretty much like the propaganda that was used prior to the invasion of Iraq, where chemical weapons were held up as an excuse to bring about Western intervention — ultimately when it wasn’t true." A former ABC News Chief Middle East Correspondent, Glass’ book on Syria, "Tribes with Flags," was reissued this year....."

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