Thursday, December 13, 2012

Syria conflict: Assad fires Scuds - live updates

The Guardian


Scud missiles

Syria watcher Joshua Landis says the use of Scud missiles in Syria is a sign of desperation by the Assad regime.
Speaking to the BBC World Service he said:
We have seen Assad using some very unorthodox weapons recently. He has been dumping barrel bombs made up of TNT and nails out of helicopters. He has been dumping land mines and sea mines, that are supposed to be used in water, out of helicopters. This would seem to indicate that he is getting to the end of his weaponry and using scuds instead of planes and bombs is an act of desperation as much as it is of strength.
But Landis cautions against those who see these as the final days of the Assad regime. Speaking to Syria Deeply earlier this week he said....."

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