Friday, December 14, 2012

Russia changes tack on Syria

By M K Bhadrakumar 
Asia Times

"Russia is throwing in the towel on Syria after an almost two-year holdout against Western intervention. The Kremlin will have to display some deft diplomacy if it is not now to be shut out of the eastern Mediterranean. Its cards include probable knowledge of where to find Syria's chemical weapons, and concern shared with the US of post-Assad stability.....

All in all, therefore, it is highly probable that Washington will terminate the Russian naval presence in Tartus in the post-Assad phase, and may think of evicting Russia altogether from the Eastern Mediterranean. The US is already blocking Russia's bid to join hands with Israel in developing the massive Leviathan gas fields.

In any case, Turkey also wants Russia out of the Eastern Mediterranean. Thus, regime change in Syria becomes a serious strategic setback for Russia. No doubt, Moscow's ability to influence the historic transformation of the Middle East has been seriously impaired. "

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