Friday, June 26, 2015

Three Iranian officers killed in Syria


File photo of Iran's Revolutionary Guards
[file photo]
Iranian online newspaper Mashreq News has revealed that three Iranian officers from the Revolutionary Guards have been killed in Damascus during battles with Syrian opposition fighters, Arabi 21 reported on Wednesday.

isaid that the Iranian TV correspondent in Damascus, Hassan Shamshadi, had shown a number of images verifying the deaths of the Revolutionary Guards, and confirming that their coffins were heading to Tehran.
The newspaper added: "The images of the Iranian deaths in Damascus revealed only three names: Ali Amarani, Hassan Ghifari and Mohamed Hamaidi." It said that the number of dead is likely higher than what was shown in the images.
Meanwhile, Tasnim news agency, which is run by the Revolutionary Guards, said that the Iranians killed in Damascus were elite officers who took part in a number of operations there.
It also said that the three dead officers were killed in an ambush by the Syrian opposition in their way to Dara'a in southern Syria.
Arabi 21 reported that the announcement of the operation Southern Storm by opposition fighters has strengthened the stance of the opposition in the course of fighting the Syrian regime and its Iranian allies.
The news agency added that there are suspicions that the number of deaths made public does not reflect the true extent of casualties from within the Revolutionary Guards.

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