Monday, August 14, 2017

A picture posted on the Facebook page of James Fields who ran his car through the crowd in Virginia




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Anonymous said...

You have no leader worthy of the name. When I look around at the Arabs I see the emiratis and the saudis and the others and I laugh and then I cry at the thought. You Arabs are f__ked. Another few centuries and you will still be scooping up shit. Even non-muslim Africans will be way ahead of you guys. Shame on all Arabs and Muslims. You have been at it since the death of the Prophet. Don't blame the leaders ... they come from the same swamp. Clean up your houses. When it comes to push and shove saudis won't save your asses will be Hizbullah. Never forget that. I hope Iran stays away from the likes of Hamas et al.I met a student from Gaza and he said he would rather be in an Israeli prison then in a Palestinian one. Keep on hoping for a Saladin or Ummaya or Saddam or Yazid or Muawiyya. Look at you guys pride or shame left. Your leaders reflect you. Long Live Israel. Israel makes all Jews proud.