Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Annan’s “Moral Mission” for Israeli Hegemony

By Kurt Nimmo

"It is disgusting the way United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan crawls to the psychopath Ehud Olmert and begs him to lift the criminal air and sea blockade of Lebanon. “Israel will pull out once there is a reasonable level of forces there,” Olmert lied.

Israel will never leave Lebanon and the “reasonable level of forces” argument is a transparent canard, as Israel will not sign off on its occupation no matter the number of foreign troops occupying Lebanon.

As the pathetic Kofi Annan crawled to Israel for “talks” with the Zionist mafia dons of the criminal state, he did not mention the UN Charter, specifically Article 51, stipulating the right of self-defense.

If Annan had any cojones and was anything but a servile bureaucrat, he would have brought up Israel’s pathological violation of countless UN resolutions, mostly calling upon Israel to comply with basic principles of international law embodied by the UN Charter.

UN Security Council resolutions, uniformly nixed by the United States, include the most egregious violations, including: attacking Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria; obstructing peace and violating the Fourth Geneva Convention; changing of the status of Jerusalem (i.e., stealing it by military force and ethnically cleansing Arabs); building settlements in occupied territories; expulsing Palestinians (a polite way to say ethnic cleansing); denying human rights, and more, ad nauseam.

Of course, if Israel agreed to release Lebanese prisoners in exchange for the Israelis captured after violating Lebanese sovereignty, the entire matter would come to an end. But Israel has no intention of releasing Lebanese prisoners or negotiating with Hezbollah.

The idea here is to use the prisoners to crank up the heat on Syria and eventually, Iran, the cardinal target of the Israeli and American effort.

Olmert, Gillerman, and the mafia dons of Israel don’t give a whit about Karnit Goldwasser and her husband, a pawn in an ongoing effort to subjugate Arabs and Persians to Zionist hegemony."

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