Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gaza today after 2 month of the Israeli military operation

Dr. Mona El-Farra

"continous Israeli military operations against Gaza , in the east part of the city 8 people were killed , 17 injured including Journalists fro reuters, , heavy shooting from the gunboats .every day hospitals receive killed and injured people.,hospital use of Deisel increased ,to run the operation rooms ,with the continous use of the electrical generators ,i was told by the staff of the diagnostic center, in the palestinian red crescent society for gaza strip , that the CT and mamogramm, were not functioning properly , due to the improper current supply , those are highly sophisticated equipments , and give very important diagnostic health services for patients in the whole gaza strip ,1.5 milion population .........
thousands of children are back to school ,next saturday , no water no electricity no proper swege system,public health greatly affected ,no enterataining no cash to buy food increasing number of families rely on aid food alone, children donot have well balanced meals , the borders are closed ,only opened rarely to let in some medications and huminatarian aid for the UNRWA ,thousands of children suffer from post traumatic strees syndrome symptoms,
,Middle East children Allience distributed 500 school bags and stationeries for kids of Gaza

lidfe under occupation to be continued ....and the whole world goverments are not only silent but amused watching Gaza and its population huminatarian suffering , hurrying with impotent solutions ,.forgetting the origin of the proplem

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