Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Corrupt Israel

From the Israeli website GAMLA

Our President, mild mannered Katzav, is not only being questioned
today (under police warning) about allegations of sexual abuse of two
women, he is also being asked about alleged bribery he may have
received for giving pardons to certain prisoners.

Our minister of Justice, Haim Ramon has stepped down as police open
officially a prosecution process also on sexual abuse charges.

Our Chief of staff, Dan Halutz, made sure his money was safe and sold
his stocks after IDF soldiers were kidnapped, and he knew what other
stock holders didn't know - that Israel would attack the Hizbollah in

The police are also investigating how Prime minister Ehud Olmert
bought such an expensive apartment "from a friend" in Jerusalem's
Talbieh neighborhood.

Shimon Peres is also being looked into for getting all sorts of
"gifts" from his friends.


Normally I wouldn't care about corruption inside Israeli domestically, but I thought this list was striking, especially as it came from such a right-wing website.

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