Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Israel and the US are Still Focused on the Wrong Issues

Every major political issue - Lebanon, Iraq, radicalism - links back to the festering Israeli-Palestinian conflict
by Rami G Khouri

We have a very simple choice before us in the Middle East: we can get serious about working together to give the people of this region a chance to live normal lives in peace and security; or we can all act silly in the ways of provincial chieftains, as many public figures in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Israel and the US have done in recent days.

The chances of achieving a region-wide peace in the Middle East are slim to non existent right now, because the key non-Arab players are focusing on the wrong issues. They are trying to manage or eliminate the symptoms of our region's tensions instead of addressing the root causes. Hizbullah and Iran are among the best examples of this.

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