Saturday, August 26, 2006

Meanwhile in Palestine

Two Palestinian Killed as Israeli Forces Kidnap Hamas Leader in Khan Younis: Israeli occupation forces continued their aggressions in the Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinians in the city of Khan Younis, and nabbing leader in Hamas from the city.

Israel attacks Reuters car: According to witnesses, a Reuters cameraman and a freelance cameraman working for an Arabic network were standing outside the vehicle in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza filming a nearby Israeli raid when the missiles hit the car.

Gaza: 'why demolish the olive trees'? "They took two of my cousins and asked them about militants and tunnels that we don’t know about at all said the old farmer Ahmed Heles, 65, while cleaning the remains of his green houses, as the Israeli bulldozers demolished all his olive trees. ”We will stay strong and survive until we die in our land” he added. The man was waiting for the harvest time to come, so he can continue his dream and see his grandson getting married, but Israeli bulldozers made this dream impossible by demolishing his olive trees and all his belongings.

Israeli Army Kills 15 year old Demonstrator, Injures 12, and Demolishes: in the Jabal Shamali neighborhood of Nablus, soldiers of the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) launched a 16 and a half hour incursion, wherein they killed one young boy, hospitalized at least twelve with many more injured, and destroyed twenty homes and apartments. The IOF entered the area around 2:00am, with over 26 military vehicles including armoured jeeps, hummers, border police jeeps, a Caterpillar D9 armoured bulldozer and Caterpillar “excavator” wrecking machines.

Israeli Army Shoots Civillians at Checkpoint, Destroys Houses in Nablus: The army has been very vocal with racist comments abusing the people at the checkpoints verbally and not letting them past this morning. The violence of the army escalated resulting in two Palestinian men being shot in the legs. The ambulance is seeing to them now but is not allowed to pass through to the hospital.

Israeli air force shells a house in Gaza, five residents injured: Targeting civilian infrastructure is in direct violations to the principles of human rights and to the Fourth Geneva Conventions. Recently, the Israeli army adopted a policy of calling families in the Gaza Strip informing them that their homes will be shelled within ten to fifteen minutes. By using this policy, the Israeli army demolishes Palestinian homes without giving the residents any opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law.

Gaza operations grinding to a halt, warns UN relief agency in Palestinian territory: In a statement released yesterday, UNRWA said it has just one week's supply of fuel left. The agency noted that it will not be able to start distributing food to 830,000 people next week unless the Karni crossing re-opens. The principal goods terminal, Karni has been closed since 15 August.

Hamas to lead future coalition govt: spokesman: "All the issue of commissioning portfolios would be subject to dialogue and negotiations, but Hamas would lead the government because of its majority in the parliament," Sami Abu Zuhri told reporters.

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