Wednesday, August 23, 2006

“Hizbullah was better” — by Israeli war correspondent

“Hizbullah was better” — by Israeli war correspondent

Evaluation of the July 2006 War by an Israeli war correspondent.

“The balance sheet of the second Lebanon War certainly does not point to an IDF victory. Even in points, it’s closer to a loss than to an achievement, when taking into account the home front’s extended suffering.”

“However, what happened to us is very similar to the defeat suffered by the American military in Vietnam and Iraq, and to the one suffered by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Russians in Chechnya.”

“I covered some of those wars. I saw from up close how guerilla fighters overcame the most powerful, modern armies in the world because they knew how to fully utilize their intimate familiarity with the war zone and the local population’s support.” Continue to read here.

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