Friday, September 8, 2006

Canadian Media calls for Nuking Iran

by Michel Chossudovsky

"A major Canadian newspaper is calling for outright nuclear attacks on Iran.The Toronto Sun article proposes the use of tactical nuclear weapons or so-called mini-nukes with an explosive capacity between one third to six times a Hiroshima bomb .

The article goes beyond the usual pattern of media disinformation, which presents Iran is a threat to global security, calling for punitive bombings pursuant to a Security Council Resolution.

While the proposal to nuke Iran may appear outrageous, it nonetheless reflects US foreign policy. It is consistent with US military doctrine and ongoing war plans which contemplate the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Iran.

The nuking of Iran is viewed as a "humanitarian operation" intent upon liberating Iran from oppression.

The objective is to build a consensus that mini nukes are actually safe for civilians and you can use them against rogue states.

According to the Pentagon, tactical nuclear weapons "are safe for the surrounding civilian population." The use of nuclear weapons against Iran is part of a broad "humanitarian mandate" which seeks to prevent Iran from threatening the World with its own nukes, which it does not possess."

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